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About Us

Custom Weld originated in the late 1950’s  by Samuel Gadd Jr. in a barn next to his home. Being raised in the Depression Era, Custom Weld was the direct result of Sam’s desire to be independent and to be his own boss.

Custom Weld began as a combination Job Shop/Portable Welding operation using old equipment and a willingness to take on almost any job. In 1976, the company was incorporated and Sam turned over control to his two sons Les and Larry. The two brothers decided at this time to focus their attention on serving the forging and related metal working industries.

In 1992, Custom Weld realized that it was at a crossroads in its history and that the time was right for a major expansion. With an eye towards future growth, a new facility was purchased right here in Canton, Ohio. The primary building on our site contains 31,000 sq/ft. of production area under hook with a 50-ton main crane so no job is too large for us to handle. Other production buildings on site contain 13,000 sq/ft. for additional growth as it becomes necessary. Extensive renovation and major overhauls of the power and crane systems took place in the early 1990s which resulted in Custom Weld officially opening for business on August 1st, 1994.

We are a growing company with an eye on the future and we intend to continue to lead the way in Applied Welding Technology.