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Tool and Die Repair
Submerged Arc Welding
Mig and Tig Welding

Stress Relief
Hard Facing
Slag Pot Repair

Forging Component Repair and Overlays
Large Diameter Electrode
Flood Welding

Stress Relieving

We currently have 3 stress relieving furnaces ranging in size from 5 sq. ft. up to 10 ft. x 10 ft. x 22 ft. Our largest furnace can handle a 200,000-lb. load and has temperature uniformity of +/- degrees. The stress relieving process is based off the thickest part of the piece the customer sends in to be repaired/treated. The piece would be in our furnace one-hour for every inch of thickness (6” thick = at least 6 hours). Our normal temperature programs that we run include 950, 1000, 1025 and 1050 degrees but, if the customer requires a custom program to be run we can accommodate that as well.

In-House Welding

Our in-house welding capabilities range from detailed tig repairs to large repairs requiring the use of electrodes 20 mm (3/4”) in diameter and 91.5 cm (36”) in length. Custom Weld was one of the leading developers of repairs utilizing dual shield mig wire 4 mm (5/32”) in diameter. Deposition rate of wire this size can exceed even that of the large diameter electrodes.

Onsite-Repair Services

Repairs onsite at your facility is just one specialty service we offer through Custom Weld. Our largest onsite job to date required 27,000-lbs. of weld material applied over a 5-week period. Hammer bases, columns, press beds and frames, etc. have all been successfully repaired onsite, many times with little to no disassembly of the major structure. Onsite projects are not our preferred method of performing a repair, but we are more than capable of doing so.